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  • Emperor
    Mandarins which is which.

    Mandarin Season starts in May with fruit present and tasting delicious, in the stores through to late July. Take the time to have a munch of all the different varieties, decide on your favourite.  It's important to consider where the fruit has come from and how it's been grown.  Remember always,  the fruit is a result […]...more

  • Citrus Gems Apron header
    Win a Citrus Gems Apron

    Here's an opportunity to win a very rare Citrus Gems Apron...more

  • 8 gems alltogether
    THE WILD EIGHT. The Citrus Gems range expands by four.

    After a series of rigorous testing and selection trials, on fruit taste and type, and plant performance these new native citrus. They enhance the extraordinary collection bringing a broader extension of colour, flavour, shape and performance to the Citrus Gem family....more


Citrus is one of the most popular plants – grown and loved by gardeners all around the world. As growers and marketers of citrus we have created the Citrus2grow website. A comprehensive site, that offers information about citrus varieties grown and available in Australia.

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Lop Sided Citrus Splitzer

Julie wrote into us with a worry about her newly acquired Lemon & Lime Splitzer. She was concerned one side was larger than the other.... more

Leaf Miner are on the munch!

Please take care and inspect the new growth on your citrus, as leaf miner is active in this warm weather....watch us explain how to easily maintain and manage leaf miner here ... more

Do I fertilise Citrus Gems Citrus?

Citrus Gems are Australian Native trees and generally have much less fertiliser requirement than usual citrus ( which are greedy . Use a low phosphourous, native fertiliser or if you wish to use a citrus fertiliser use it at 1/2 the recommended dose. Organic tonics are also excellent as a top up. Citrus Gems are […]... more


Here is where you will find out about all the families of Citrus: Oranges - Grapefruits - Mandarins - Lemons - Limes - Calamondins - Cumquats - Kooky & Interesting and How Best to Grow.