A Majestic Mandarin
Posted on February 12, 2014

Afourer Mandarin

We have been working intensively on selecting citrus trees that will, perform, impress and delight you. Our latest edition to the “best of ” collection is the Afourer mandarin.
Originally soured from Morocco in the 1980’s Afourer has gained favour with commercial orchardists and is a preferred favourite of the household shopper when it comes to selecting a mandarin for the fruit bowl.
Rag Free and virtually seedless are two of Afourer’s many endearing features, including its easy to peel disposition and an exquisite honey fragrant taste and a napkin required, juiciness.
Afourer is what we refer to as a moderately vigorous tree, it will grow to around 5metres, however it’s easily kept smaller with pruning. They are well suited to growing in pots and could be trellised on a balcony wall, or planted in an informal row to create an impressive and very Mediterranean looking hedge.
One tree will, in time, will produce more than enough fruit for a small family. Ripening in the late winter the fruit holds beautifully on the tree, well into the spring.
If you’re considering planting a Mandarin, you’d be well advised to consider the delicious and majestic Afourer.