Autumn is finger lime time
Posted on March 27, 2014

Finger limes will produce the odd fruit through the season, however autumn is their main cropping time.
You'll find them on your finger lime trees now, plump and ready and you'll also find them in your local food stores and markets.
Some of the fruit that you may purchase may be a bit seedy.
A lot of perfecting and selecting of varieties is going on and you'd be wise to look at the new releases of finger limes that available.
Compact, tidy growers, abundant in fruit crops and tasty, juicy "pearls" of all colours and sizes and low in seed.

Finger limes are very adaptable, tolerating a range of environments, and will even tolerate a bit of dappled sunlight. However are always best grown in a sunny protect area. Try growing them as a tight and handsome hedge or as an espalier against a wall, they are really suited to this style of cultivation as they have such small leaves and wee flowers.
One to look out for is the new release finger lime "JUDY'S EVERBEARING" she really busts out with fruit. Judy's is a very heavy cropping plant with fat finger limes that are just bursting with juicy citrus pearls.
The rind is dark green and the pearls varying shades of green, crystal and pale pink. The flavour is "limey" and slightly sweet. Judy's everbearing is the latest addition to the Citrus Gem range of native citrus.