Blood Lime Supply
Posted on September 5, 2014

We have been overwhelmed with demand for the Citrus Gems, Australian Native Blood Lime or Red Centre Lime.

An article featured on ABC's Landline has generated a huge interest in this wonderful citrus.
The Blood Lime Citrus tree is available from the Citrus Men site.

- please listen or read the article here

Prue Adams reports- GAVIN SCHUBERT, BLOOD-LIME GROWER: We were planting them for a company who we were contracted to grow them for and they went broke and so we were left with the trees, so I let them go. I didn't do anything to them for the last 12 years. And now that I've found a market, I've started looking after them again.

MARGY ABBOT: I give him a really good price for his blood-limes, because that ensures that I'll get that supply every year. So that's really important too, that you make sure that the grower is getting a premium price for their product. PRUE ADAMS: They've picked around 65 kilograms and chefs have apparently gone wild for the fruit, which works with seafood, desserts, even in a gin and tonic.