1. Remove low growing vigorous growth

David recently bought a Eureka Seedless Lemon and it's been growing beautifully. You can see he has it situated in a warm & sunny protected possie, perfect! 

David asks - It is growing very well but I wonder if I should give it a prune in spring ?  I have attached a few photos.  Should I prune down the very tall branches to encourage low growth?

What David actually needs to do is remove the lower growth that is appearing on the tree.
We want to encourage a strong single straight stem, then the tree can branch up and form a lovely
open vase shape.

Removing the lower growth also makes us vigilant and aware of understock growth. This is shoots that sometimes form from the rootstock the tree was grafted onto. Strong and vigorous it can drain energy from your citrus, ensure you always keep lower growth trimmed away from the trunk.

David we would also suggest that in Spring you nip down the taller branches so they are all about even to encourage some branching.

Your tree looks terrific!Remove Eureka where to cut