All those good old favourites, the unusual and interesting
Core Citrus

We grow a vast number of varieties and 
types of citrus. Within our Core Range you will find 
basic “oranges & lemons” your special favourite 
mandarin, lime or grapefruit.

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All Citrus Men Citrus are grafted onto a premium 
rootstock to ensure plant health, vigour and fruiting.

Core range citrus trees are sold as 165mm pot size and
 are at the optimum stage for planting into the garden or into a 
 larger pot. 
Dependent on the variety and the season 
the citrus plant may vary in size, from the pictured specimen.

Core Citrus

Cara Cara – Blush Red – Seedless Orange

Cara Cara is a unique “pigmented” orange. The rind of the fruit is typically orange in colour. The sweet, juicy, flesh blushes in colouring from deep pink to red. The fruit is seedless and beautifully tender, easy to peel and exquisitely delicious, with rich orange flavours and notes of raspberries and rose petals. Tolerant of a wide range of conditions it will prefer a frost and wind free position in the garden. Fruit ripens in winter. Grows to 4m x 4m.

Yuzu Orange – Yuzu ichandrin

This curious Citrus is highly prized and much loved. It has the most magical properties that beguile its rough skinned, seedy appearance, and it has been named as, The World’s sexist fruit! Chefs love YUZU, as it literally explodes with an intense flavour. The unique taste tingles on your tongue somewhere between a lemon, a mandarin and a grapefruit.

Euerka Seedless Lemon

Eureka Seedless lemon is the lemon of good choice. Seedless, tangy, juicy fruit with a thin bright coloured rind. The seedless crops heavily and consistently through the year. Large and spreading the Eureka seedless will reward you with strong growth and plenty of fruit.

Afourer Mandarin

Produces juicy, richly sweet fruit, with very few seeds. The fruit is mid-sized with a bright orange, thin rind, that is easy to peel. Ripening in the late winter the fruit holds beautifully on the tree, well into the spring.

Arnold Blood – Orange

This wonderful tree produces fruit that are richly and darkly pigmented through the rind and into the flesh. Matures mid season with medium sized fruit and loose rind.

Bergamot – Orange

Has a distinctive characteristic both in fruit and foliage strongly perfumed and uniquely aromatic. The oil (essence) is used in a vast range of perfume, pharmaceutical products and Earl Grey Tea.

Buddhas Hand – Citron

This quirky citrus is unusual and interesting as the fruit is split down its length into a number of ‘finger-like’ sections, resembling a human hand. The fruit lacks flesh, juice or seed development. Uses include ornaments in religious ceremonies, perfuming rooms and clothing.

Emperor – Mandarin

Emperor is a mid season variety that matures between June – August. The fruit is large with excellent flavour, easily peeled and segmented, with very few seeds.

Eureka – Lemon

Produces juicy sharp “lemony” tasting fruit, with a bright yellow, thin rind. The tree has few thorns, is moderately vigorous and has a lovely spreading habit. Eureka lemon crops through the year – you are rarely without a lemon.

Honey Murcott – Mandarin

Honey Murcott a moderately vigorous bushy tree. A late maturing mandarin produces a firm, excellent flavoured medium sized fruit in August-October. The flavour is rich and the juice content is high. All wrapped in a thin yellow-orange rind. A delicious mandarin.

Imperial – Mandarin

Imperial is an early variety of mandarin that matures in May. The tree is vigorous with a shapely upright habit. The fruit is small to medium sized, peels easily and has a deliciously distinctive flavour.

Japanese Seedless – Mandarin

Is a very early maturing fruit from around early April, super easy to peel and seedless! Has an exquisite flavour.

Kaffir – Lime

Kaffir Is the “cooks” lime, its unusually shaped leaves are used for flavouring many Asian and modern culinary dishes. A small tree with a shrub like habit the Kaffir lime has many thin branches. Kaffir lime will produce fruit however it lacks juice and is very acidic in taste. The rough thick rind provides a very useful and fragrant zest.

Lane Late Navel – Orange

Lane Late navel has all the delicious eating qualities of seedless navels, but colours and matures later in the winter months of August.

Lemonade – Lemon

This magical tree behaves and appears to look, just like a lemon tree. The lemonade is a vigorous tree that happily produces plenty of lemonade fruit. The fruit are sweet and “lemonade like” in flavour, juicy and easy to peel and segment, lemonade makes a delicious eating fruit and is an exceptional juicer.

Lisbon – Lemon

A very sharp tasting lemon, deliciously juicy and full flavoured. The tree has a vigorous habit, with an upright spreading shape and lovely dense foliage. Lisbon is suited to colder regions. The tree can be thorny and tends to crop heavily in the winter – spring season.

Maltese Blood – Orange

Maltese Blood is a heritage orange, it has a distinctive red blush across is rind and through its flesh. The fruit is uniquely flavoursome and seedy, maturing in the mid to late part of the season July-September. A medium sized tree. Listed as one of the original oranges brought over on the first fleet to Australia.

Mediterranean Sweet – Orange

Mediterranean Sweet has the most delicious flavour, a reliable cropper that matures in mid winter, July – August. Mediterranean has a thin skin and a very high juice content.

Meyer – Lemon

This tree produces lots of lemons over a year, It is a small compact tree and very cold-tolerant . The fruit has an orange yellow rind and is very juicy with a mild, distinctive taste. THE IDEAL LEMON FOR A POT.

Nagami – Cumquat

Nagami produce the most elegant teardrop shaped fruit the is a taste sensation. Eat whole for a explosion of citrus in your mouth. The trees are small, bushy and very cold hardy and ideal for ornamental and container growing. Blossom late (November) and deep orange fruit with few seeds, matures over a long period The juice is acidic, but the spicy outer rind and sweeter albedo gives a pleasant flavour if eaten whole, candied, or in marmalade.

Seedless Valencia – Orange

Seedless Valencia has all the qualities of the Valencia orange but with few seeds. It matures slightly earlier in August.

Seville – Orange

This is a terrific tree for cooler regions. The fruit is slightly flattened in appearance and bitter to taste – it makes the best marmalade. Seville orange is a beautiful tree and very fragrant when in bloom.

Star Ruby – Grapefruit

Star Ruby a recent introduction to Australia this blushed grapefruit has a delicious flavor and delicate pigmentation that carries through to the juice. The colour through the rind and flesh will vary from blushings of pink to deeper reds.

Chinotto – Orange

Chinotto is a sour orange, with a small, rough rind, bright orange-red fruits maturing in winter. Mainly used as an ornamental shrub/patio tree. The fruit can be used for marmalade and of course is well know as flavour essence of the very popular Italian beverage, Chinotto.

Tahiti – Lime

Tahiti is a medium upright tree that produces fruit resembling a small lemon, with a very thin rind with a delicate green coloured flesh. Fragrantly lime tasting zest and juice. Tahiti is tolerant of mild to cooler climates, the rind of the fruit colours with blushes of yellow when ripe. GOOD FOR POTS.

Valencia – Orange

Valencia is renowned for it’s juicing qualities. Maturing at the very end of winter into September. The fruit will hold on the tree for six months under favourable conditions. The fruit is medium sized, thin-skinned and very juicy.

Washington Navel – Orange

Washington Navel is a sweet seedless orange that matures in early winter, May – June. The fruit is large and makes for excellent eating. The fruit is easy to peel and segment and holds on the tree for several months. The tree is medium in vigour and size.

Wheeny – Grapefruit

Wheeny is not wheeny at all! This grapefruit produces a very large fruit with light straw-coloured flesh, maturing June-July, this seedy fruit has a distinct lemon flavour.

Clementine – Mandarin

Clementine is a heavy cropper that produces deep orange-coloured fruit, which can be seedless, the fruit matures in early April-May. Clementine is vigorous in habit and is a very productive tree.

Ellendale – Mandarin

This late maturing mandarin -August-October – produces a large flattish Fruit that are very juicy and rich in flavour. The rind is smooth and tight.

Finger – Lime

Cylindrical, finger sized and shaped fruit. Fruit is usually produced in autumn. Fragrant thin green skin blushed with crimson. Slice fruit open to reveal a vault of glistening citrus pearls bursting with juicy limey flavours. Originating from the understory Rainforest Pearl naturally enjoys dappled light, although performs best in full sun, in a warm protected location. Use the citrus pearls as a delicious garnish for seafood and shellfish, use fruit whole or sliced when making tangy marmalades and sauces

Green Standards – Calamondin

These trees have a lush habit and are very productive. Popular as ornamental trees calamondins are ideal for growing in pots and training into topiary shapes. The vivid coloured fruit has few seeds and a delicious tart taste and makes the best tasting marmalade. Steep the fruit in alcohol and sugar to create an exotic liqueur or candied the fruit.

Jamaican Tangerine – Mandarin

Jamaican tangerine is a vigorous spreading tree that produces fruit late in the season - September-November. The fruit is medium sized, with a vivid orange coloured, tight rind, very juicy.

Joppa – Orange

Joppa has the most delicious flavour, a reliable cropper that matures in mid winter, July – August. Joppa has a thin skin and a very high juice content.

Marsh – Grapefruit

Marsh is almost a seedless fruit, large in size with a straw coloured flesh. Marsh grapefruits may be harvested from July, however a sweeter taste develops in the fruit if left on the tree until spring-summer.

Minneola – Tangelo

Minneola A vigorous tree that produces a delightful bright reddish orange thin skinned fruit. The fruit matures mid season (July-August), and has a distinctive tart-like flavour, very juicy.

Navelina – Orange

Navelina is a small to medium sized tree. Navelina is one of earliest maturing navel oranges. The fruit is slightly oval in shape with a thin, deep orange coloured rind. The fruit is medium to large with a delicious flavour. GREAT FOR POTS!

Pummelo – Grapefruit

Is the largest of all the citrus fruit, yellow-green with a thick rind. Has similar uses to grapefruit- as a breakfast fruit or juice. The rind of the Pummelo candies deliciously and is referred to in this form as “Cedro”.

Rangpur – Lime

Rangpur is an attractive mandarin-lime variety of citrus with bright orange coloured fruit. A very acid tasting fruit it is really suitable only concocting into drinks. The tree is a prolific winter bearer and cold hardy.

Seminole – Tangelo

Fruit seedy, a medium sized, round fruit with a thin, tight deep reddish-orange rind. Matures late in the season - September-October – very juicy fruit with an fresh citrus acid flavour. The tree is vigorous in habit.

Thorny – Mandarin

Thorny is a mid season maturing mandarin, June-July. The small fruit is beautifully soft, sweet and easily peeled. Tree has small narrow leaves and a few thorns.

Variegated – Calamondin

The variegated variety is the same as the “green” calamondin except for it’s pretty variegated leaf colouring and the tiger striping on the immature fruit.

West Indian – Lime

West Indian is considered the “true “ lime. The bushy tree has many small thorns and prefers a warm – frost-free climate. The delicious round shaped fruit is small, with a very thin dark green rind and a “lime” green flesh, seedy. This fruit has a distinctively intense lime flavour and fragrance.