The dwarf Citrus

Pipsqueak is the Perfect Citrus Tree for Smaller Garden Spaces.

Pipsqueak is a dwarf Citrus that will grow into a roundish shape and size of about 1.5 metres and can be trimmed to retain an even smaller size.

Pipsqueak is grafted onto flying dragon rootstock, which initiates true dwarfing powers and provides disease resistance for the plant.

When mature enough Pipsqueak will produce bucket loads of of full sized delicious fruit.

Ideal for growing in pots – Pipsqueak makes a perfect small hedge alternative, and will enjoy a sunny Balconies, courtyard or garden bed.

There are eight delicious flavours of Pipsqueak available.


The Eating Orange – Washington Navel Orange

This is a sweet tasting juicy orange, perfect for eating and cooking. A full flavoured mid season fruit that’s easy to peel - look out for the Eating Orange’s belly button.

The Juicing Orange – Valencia Orange

Coming into season in spring the Valencia is a luscious juicy, juicy fruit. Run out to your tree with your basket and load up. You’ll never buy another bottle of orange juice again.

Easy to peel Mandarin – Emperor Mandarin

A large fruit this mando is so easily to peel and segment you can do it with one hand. Emperor Mandarin comes into ripeness mid to late in the season producing a tasty and almost seedless fruit.

The Lunchbox Mandarin – Imperial Mandarin

This tasty little mando’ is perfect for popping in the lunch box, delicious and full of juicy nutrition. Imperial Mandarin is a vigorous tree that produces large crops of mandarins very early in the season.

Sweet Juicy Lemon- Meyer Lemon

A cross between an orange and a lemon makes Meyer a very mild tasting lemon, which is almost orange in colour. The Meyer produces fruit throughout the year and is a very heavy cropping tree.

Old fashioned tangy Lemon – Eureka Lemon

A tangy sharp tasting lemon and a tree that is almost always with fruit but most heavily in winter. The lemons produce a thin rind that makes a beautiful zest for cooking.

Spicy leaf Lime – Kaffir Lime

The unusual leaves of the Spicy leaf lime are used for cooking. They provide a delicious spicy warm citrus taste and are used mostly in Asian style dishes. Use the leaves whole or finely chopped. Fresh younger leaves are preferred and for this reason it is a good idea to regularly prune your spicy leaf lime so it’s always pushing out new growth and leaves.

Juicy fruit Lime – Tahiti Lime

This is the fruiting lime, producing lovely medium sized juicy fruit in late winter and early spring. If you live in a cold region your limes will develop a yellow skin when they are ripe this is because of cooler temperatures. The flesh inside will be lime green and delicious.