Citrus – The Tree of Forgiveness!
Posted on March 15, 2013

Of course we love Citrus trees, they are our passion and our business. We believe they are the most remarkable tree in the plant kingdom, rewarding in everyway. They are bountiful in harvest, evergreen, fragrant, colourful, seasonal, versatile, adaptable and very domesticated.

One of the many endearing qualities of the Citrus tree, is their ability to forgive.

It is possible to restore a very old and neglected Citrus tree, by cutting it right down to a short framework. Fertilise it using a good organic fertiliser and clear away any weed, grass or undergrowth from the tree. Mulch the tree with a rich, broken down compost and keep the hose trickling on the soil surface under the tree during the dry season.

Amazingly in a couple of years the tree will have restored itself to full growth ready to begin producing fruit.

It will have forgotten it's past and forgive any mistreatment. Aren't they wonderful?