FINGER LIMES the new MUST HAVE for the garden
Posted on March 1, 2013
Finger limes are an amazing Citrus native to Australia and they’re taking the world by storm, (Jamie Oliver is mad for them) these quirky trees, are lots of fun to grow and the fruit is delicious and versatile.
Citrus Gems, Rainforest pearl is a ruby red skinned finger lime that contains exquisite red & pinky champagne coloured citrus pearls. You squeeze these caviar like pearls from the fruit and use them to garnish and flavour oysters or other seafood dishes. Stir into creamy butter sauces, or float in soda water or bubbly alcohol.
Or simply eat for a tangy burst of citrus flavour.
Grow Finger Limes in a warm sheltered position, with sun for most of the day. They grow well in pots or in the garden, preferring a light, friable, compost rich soil. Finger lime trees, will grow up and around 3 metres and respond well to clipping and pruning, never forget who's Boss in the garden, (that would be you!) Finger limes along with other citrus, make amazing hedges and they espalier beautifully against fences and walls.