Posted on June 15, 2012
Have you seen the fruit in the shops?
The fruit of the finger lime is extraordinary, finger or sausage like in shape these little rockets are loaded with delicious pearls of citrus juice and powerful tangy flavour. The thin citrus skin holds together the beautiful cluster of glistening pearls within. You can slice the fruit length ways or in cross section. Gentle squeeze the citrus pearls from the skin.
The pearls (or, as often referred to, Caviar) make an elegant and citrusy garnish for oysters freshly shucked. A creamy butter sauce is transformed with finger lime pearls. Fold into cream cheese or mascapone to enliven with citrus flavours. Chop the whole fruit and use to make fabulous marmalades or hot and spicy pickles. Have fun and experiment, finger limes are a delicious and exciting Citrus, Native to Australia.
There are several types in the market place, ranging in quality, colour and flavour. Rainforest pearl has ruby red skin with red & pinky, champagne coloured pearls, plump and full flavoured.
Although a native, it is important, as with all other citrus that you purchase grafted Native lime plants. This ensures health and vigour and that the plant is true to type and flavour.
Grow Finger Limes in a warm sheltered position, with sun for most of the day. They grow well in pots or in the garden, in a light, friable compost rich soil. The will grow up and around to 3 metres and respond well to clipping and pruning, so don't forget who's Boss in the garden. They make amazing hedges and espalier very well against flat garden walls, transforming boring into bedazzling.
The fruit comes with a bang in late Autumn early winter depending on your region. Plan for a party celebrating the joy of native limes or throw the fruit into a plastic bag and into the freezer, as it doesn't store for too long once it's off the tree.