GETTING EVEN – how to balance your Citrus Splitzer
Posted on January 15, 2013
We have selected a pretty good match on the Citrus Splitzers, combining two varieties of Citrus with very similar growth habits. However it is always likely that one section, or variety will become more dominant than the other. This is where you, the gardener step and take control.
Prune the larger or more dominant side of your Citrus Splitzer down, reducing it to below the size of the less dominant section, always a good idea to tip prune out the other side.
Pruning is of great benefit to Citrus Splitzers. It maintains a bushy tidy evenly balanced plant. You’ll have strong crops, on strong healthy branches.
This year has been unprecedented for demand on Citrus Splitzer. We know that many of you have been patiently waiting for them, supply will be strong again in late summer, early autumn.