Feeling a little bit off colour?
Posted on December 1, 2012

People do worry at this time of the year that their Citrus foliage is looking a little bit yellow, even worse, that the foliage is dropping off completely.

It is quite usual that you will get a moderate amount of yellowing in the cooler weather. Citrus is just not moving at this time, it’s keeping still, conversing its energy. Most are heavy with fruit, and really, are too busy to concern themselves with how their “hair” is looking.Everything will return to normal when the days lengthen and the temperature increases

What is vital for us as Citrus caretakers is the understanding the importance of keeping nutrient up to the plant prior to the cooler weather.

This is why our crucial times for feeding are in spring, to restore the plant after the winter and to boost new growth, and again in the autumn when the citrus can take on board a load of nutrient for fruit development and nourishment for the winter months.

Stay tuned we’ll give you a fabulous root boosting, fruit inducing, spring citrus tonic recipe next issue.