New Dwarf Finger Lime Released
Posted on March 4, 2015

Just released is the New naturally dwarfing, Finger Lime LITTLE RUBY.
This compact, tight growing plant is ideal for smaller gardens and container planting
Little Ruby is naturally dwarf, she is grafted of course, but her natural “small” habit does not require the use of flying dragon under stock.

She produces heavy crops of chubby little finger limes, that have a dark green skin and the citrus pearls within are pinky, to ruby red in colour.
With an refreshing and thrilling, citrusy, almost raspberry flavour, the lime vesticles are juicy and popacilious in your mouth.

Autumn is the main cropping time for finger limes, and you’ll begin to see the fruit appearing in your market.
Finger limes are wonderfully adaptive trees, Australian Natives they grow in a wide range of conditions, and are very versatile.
Tolerating a little more shade than a traditional citrus you’ll discover if you provide them with the prescriptive Citrus rules of cultivation you can’t go wrong.