Rind Fresh
Posted on January 1, 2013

Citrus Fruit is so amazingly rich with vitamins and nutrients; we all know how good they are for us. However we urge you not to forget about the rind. The skin or rind of citrus is loaded with flavour and polymethoxylated flavones, and the phytonutrient, limonene, (did you know that?). These are credited with incredible health benefits, from reducing bad cholesterol, settling digestive problems, lowering blood sugars and inhibiting cancer cell growth.

Use rind in your cooking, throw a little piece or two into your juicer, and for an exquisite winter casserole add in large wedges of orange, they will add a sunshiney flavour that will enhance and lift the dish to Master Chef levels.

Of course the best skin or rind to eat is from home grown fruit, picked from your own citrus tree, washed and chemical free.