THE WILD EIGHT. The Citrus Gems range expands by four.
Posted on April 14, 2016

8 gems alltogether

The Citrus Gems Range has now expanded to eight,
with the recent addition of four, new selected varieties.

After a series of rigorous testing and selection trials, on fruit taste and type, and plant performance these new native citrus. They enhance the extraordinary collection bringing a broader extension of colour, flavour, shape and performance to the Citrus Gem family.

Citrus Gem, Judy’s Everbearing is a “nuggety” finger lime with a very dark green thin skin, the short thick fingers are filled with champagne pink and golden green citrus pearls. A constant and heavy cropper, Judy’s everbearing is so-called as she spot fruits through the year.

Citrus Gem, D’emerald is another repeat or spot fruiting finger lime with an almost black coloured skin. The sparkling emerald green, tangy citrus pearls are super juicy and very easy to extract.

Citrus Gem Green Sapphire is a beautiful addition to the Citrus Gems range as she has a soft willow like growth habit; the soft light green foliage is a stunning contrast for her large green, finger limes, that ripen in the autumn.

All excellent performers and tolerant of wide ranging conditions Citrus  Gems do perform best, in full sun, wind sheltered, positions. Growing to around 3metres if left unpruned.

They will be understory plants tolerate a little less sunshine or more dappled sun than conventional citrus.However it’s no show without mentioning the baby of the family, Little Ruby.
A compact growing shrub, Citrus Gem Little Ruby is naturally dwarf in habit and will only reach around 1.5 – 2metres in height and makes her ideal for pots.

Little Ruby produces plump, dark green finger limes that are bursting with ruby red, citrus pearls when ripe.  Tangy and almost raspberry in flavour this gorgeous fruit, peaks in autumn. Little Ruby will throw some occasional limes through the season like her other sisters in the Citrus Gems family.